I was born and raised in New York, attended Antioch College, and have degrees from the University of Illinois, Adelphi University, Harvard Divinity School, and the Art Institute of Boston.  For the past several decades most of what has interested me has been how communities function, or don't, and how both the roles of women, and the size of the community. can affect how well or poorly a community operates.  Most of my explorations have been in rural Montana, although you will see here portfolios from  where I live (an urban community), where I grew up (an even larger, denser urban community), and also from my travels around the world.  My work has been collected by the Missoula Art Museum, the North Dakota Art Museum, and private collectors.  I have one book published thus far: “Drummond: Ranch Life in the West,” which came out in 2004, and I am currently completing two others, “Living In The Wind,” and “Hidden In Plain Sight," both of which are represented in the portfolios.  I have also started a new career stream, unit still photography (shooting stills of films as they are being created), which is not as different from looking at how communities function as one might think. A few samples are also in the portfolios. I make my home in Providence, Rhode Island.

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